Amazing Facts about Assam

Amazing Facts about Assam

When it comes about scenic beauty and love for nature, then some of the Indian states come in or mind. Specially North Eastern part of India is known for this natural wonder. Among them state of Assam has craziest and wow looking beauty. Where we can find some wonderful reserve forests and animals. So if you are nature lover or want to enjoy some of the wonder of India than, Assam is obvious for you.

Now Assam Assam is not only known for natural beauty but also there are some most amazing facts are related with this state. So lets take a look of them.



Country India
Capital Dispur
Largest City Guwahati
Districts 33
Established 26th January 1950
Area(17th) 78438 km2
Population 31205576
Density 397 / km2
HDI 0.593 (Medium)
Official Language Assamese
Demonym Assamese
Religion Hinduism (61.47%), Muslim (34.22%), Buddhism (0.2%), Jain (0.01%), Sikhism (0.01%), Christianity(3.7%), Animism (0.01%)
Literacy 61.44%

State Symbol

State Animal Gor (One horned Rhinoceros )
State Bird Deo haah (White winged wood duck)
State Tree Hollong
State Song O Mor aponar dex
State Flower Kopou phul
State Festival Bihu
States one of the  traditional game Dhoop Khel
State Dance Bihu Dance
  1. Situated in the northeast part of India, Assam is spread along with the river of Brahmaputra and Barrak river.


  1. Assamese, Bengali and Bodo is most and widely sopken languages in Assam. Actually mostly  people of Assam live along the side of Brahmaputra and Barrak river.


  1. Brahmaputra is the only male river in India, which also flow in China.


  1. Meaning of Assam still unknown. But as per some belief  in medieval times most of the eastern part is called Asham and western part is called Kamrupa was also mentioned in one of the  great Gupta empire Samudragupta’s Allahabad pillar inscription.


  1. For forest adventure Assam is always preferable place, where two famous wildlife sancturies – Kaziranga National park and Manas Wildlife sanctury is situated.
  2. These two sanctuaries are famous for many animals like one horned rhinoceros , golden langur, Asian elephant, wild water buffaloes , Bengal tigers and etc.


  1. Majuli or known as Majoli is some time recognized as the world largest river island. Created naturally by Brahmaputra river , Majuli is now recognized as a district in Assam. It has now population of near about 150000 to 170000.


  1. Dispur which is a states capital and a important city in Assam. Beside that Guwahati is the largest city in the state, which is now becoming as the 100 most developing city in the world. Guwahati is also known as the gateway of the North East India.


  1. Another most important city is Tinsukia. Digboi oil refienery , Asia’s  oldest oil refienery was established during 19thcentury is situated in the district of Tinsukia. During that period Digboi was the oldest oil well in the world and in Asia Digboi oil well is is the first well.


    1. Along with oil and natural gas, another district Dibrugarh is famous for its tea –  Assam tea. Now Assam is the world’s largest tea growing region in the world.
    2. Assam silk which is as reputed name in the world has rooted from Assam. Mainly manufactured in in this state, Muga and different types of silks are used. There is a town known as Sualkuchi, where most of the population is involved in cottage industry. Now this place’s has its own trademark called SUALKUCHI’S.
    3. Mostly wear by woman and young girls Makhela Chador is a well knwon traditional dress in Assam.
    4. As mentioned earlier, Assam is famous for its natural beauty. So it is obvious that this place could be a great place for tourist attraction. Number of places such as – wild life sancuatries, famous Kamrup Kamakhaya temple situated in near Guwahati, Sivsagar Sivadol and many more.
    5. Recently built Bhupen Hazarika Setu or Dhola – Sadiya bridge  is as of now is the largest river bridge in India. It connects Assam with Arunachal Pradesh, with length of 9.15 kilometers.
    6. Ahom dynastywhich ruled more than 600 hundred years, is considered among the longest ruled dynasty in India. There rule ended during Burma invasion and after that British acquired this place. The king of this dynasty were known as Asam Raja. Rang Ghar was knwon as sports arena, were thought to built during Ahom Dynasty.
    7. With diversified communities, people of Assam celibrates number of different festivales. Bihu, Durga Puja, Eid, Bushu Dima.

Bihu is among the most widely and popular festival in Assam. It is celebrated thrice a year – Rongali (mid April), Kongali(mid October), Bhogali (mid January).

17. Jagiroad, situated in Marigaon district, is the largest dry fish market in Asia.

18. Dhekiakhowa Bornaamghar is a sacred place for Hindu. There is a lamp which was light by saint reformer Madhavdev and  is still burning. Thus it is thought to be one of the sacred places in Asia.




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